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TUSB is a registered Research & Development (R&D) Company under Section 2, Investment Act 1986,   wholly own by UniMAP Holding Sdn Bhd. Our services are also accessible to private companies such as multinational corporations as well as small and medium industries.

A Good Track Record

- Characterization of the Hot Air Solder Leveled (HASL) SN-CU-NI-GE Printed Circuit Board Finish in Terms of Composition & Process Parameters
- The Development of UAV Imaging Data Processing Method for Geo-Spatial App.
- Energy Saving Management and Control System
- Source Identification and Modelling of Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
- Proposal for Prototype Development: High-Pressure Hydrostatic Testbed and Control Management System
- Automated spray painting system (asps) for Aerospace Composites Malaysia
- Design and Development of Smart Network System based on Software Defined Networks (SDN)
- Performance Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Plant at Pascorp Paper Industries Bhd.
- Traffic Impact Assessment for Malaysian Driving Cycle
- Research and Development for improving process engineering in agricultural industry

Research & Development

Testing Lab

Our Capabilities and Services


Technical support provided by our certified laboratory, facilities and consultants for specialist laboratory testing.

In 2016, TUSB widen their field of business by penetrating a building services and management, civil engineering work, mechanical parts and services and event management services mainly for government and corporate clients under G3 CIDB registered licence. With all the attainable expertise & experiences, TUSB are optimist on serving our clients particularly in engineering, technology, manufacturing and public services.